strawberryrazor's Journal

Kaitlyn Collins

Heyyy everyone im Kaitlyn & im 18. Im just your average girl with average intrests.

STRAWBERRY = Across The Universe
RAZOR = Sweeney Todd

FRENDING : This journal is Private. All my posts will be private
and only I will see them becuase of personal reasons. The reasons that
made me want to keep a personal journal online instead of by hand.And
I also wanted to try stamping communities since they sounded like such fun =)
So if you have a problem with this please dont be angry at me for it or
try to convince to me to make my journal public becuase I will not.
If your ok with not reading any of my posts and just want to be freinds cool,
im ok with that =)

Jasmine, Robin Hood, Meeko, & Yzma @ princesscom
My dearest Bella<3 = stamped Pegasus @ princesscom
Jack & I <3 = stamped as Shrek & Fiona @ princesscom
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Prudence @ what_universe
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Jasmine @ animate_babes
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